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Environmental Encroachment - EE Marching Band - Chicago
Chicago performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses a marching band, costumes and theatrics to create unique entertainment environments for any event.

Upcoming Events: (updated November 21, 2015)

EE's Tour to Australia
HONK Oz, Illawarra Folk Festival, and Sydney

January 6-19, 2016

Check back on websites for updates on all shows.

This will be EE's SECOND HONK OZ festival in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. We will be touring and also attending the Illawarra Folk Festival, and maybe a few shows near Sydney. Keep posted for details.

Illawarra Folk Festival 2016

HONK OZ Official Web Site:

HONK OZ Facebook Site:

Wednesday January 6
Pre HONK! Oz Public Lecture
6pm Wollongong Art Gallery (corner Kembla and Burelli Streets)
The 2015 lecture was presented by Ken Field from Boston.

Pre-HONK Lecture in the Art Gallery followed by dinner for local musicians and visitors.

Thursday January 7
FREE Pre-HONK! workshop sessions for local and visiting musicians at The Con: with Ken Field, Linsey Pollak and others.

Friday January 8
Pre HONK! Oz Music Workshops
HONK Workshop for young musicians at The Con (approx. 9-13 yr).
Lantern making: kids, parents and others are invited to make diy lanterns for the evening lantern parade.
FREE Pre-Honk workshop sessions for local and visiting musicians at The Con : with Ken Field, Linsey Pollak and others

HONK! Oz official festival opening and Band Showcase
Lantern Parade : a parade for young and old around the Arts Precinct accompanied by bike lights, paper lanterns, torches and other forms of DIY lighting.

HONK! After Dark - More info TBA

Saturday January 9
Saturday morning gathering in The Arts Precinct and massed band event
HONK! Oz Street Parade: a grand street parade to reclaim the streets and "celebrate the power of inclusive, participatory music making"
and community arts . Featuring HONK! bands and community groups.

*EE performs for The Illawarra Jazz Club from 3.30-5pm
Location announced soon.

HONK Oz in the City: bands from across the country and beyond will perform throughout the day in and around the Wollongong Arts Precinct and CBD Mall.

HONK! After Dark - More info TBA

Sunday January 10
HONK! at The Harbour
More info TBA

HONK On - More Details TBA

Monday January 11: TBA

Tue January 12: TBA
Wed Jan. 13: TBA
Illawarra Folk Festival,
Wollongong, NSW, Australia

LINK to Illawarra Folk Festival OFFICIAL WEB SITE:

LINK to Illawarra Festival Facebook page:

Thur Jan 14
Illawarra Folk Festival

Illawarra Folk Festival 2016

EE will be helping with the HONK! Festivities, and evening parade, as well as some scheduled stage shows.

Environmental Encroachment - 9:25pm to 10:25pm - Global Green Stage

Friday, January 15:
Illawarra Folk Festival
Environmental Encroachment - 7:00pm to 07:45pm - Global Green Stage

Saturday, 16 January 2016
Illawarra Folk Festival
9:00am to 10:00am - Music Train Act 6,
11:45am to 12:45pm - Grandstand Restaurant

Sun. Jan 18;
Illawarra Folk Festival: TBD

Monday or Tuesday. Jan 18-19

More Info on EE's Australia Tour

Please HELP US HONK by donating what you can to EE.
The E-mail address to contact us is at bottom of page.

Check back on websites for updates on all shows.

Thursday, March 31 - Sunday April 3, 2016
HONK! Texas


The 6th Annual HONK Texas in Austin, Texas.


Link to Downloads thru Band Camp
Link to physical disc purchases thru CDBaby

NEW - Four Original EE Songs on our EP.
Check it out on bandcamp. 99 cents a song.
Support Don Rupert.


'Recording of Bunny XII' by Blake B. + Alyce H (YouTube)
A fun video! from our sessions at Wall to Wall Recording.

"Ya'll are Funky!" Bootsy Collins
"I know they have a great version of Amazing Grace" Joan Baez
"EE, veterans of street action and indomitable spirits" Mark Messing
"You make me want to dance with my six year-old." Alex
"Inimitable." Hungry March Band
"EE has a storied NYC underground history
" geminiandscorpio.com


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