Josiah Olson


Currently working in Chicago as a licensed massage therapist, Josiah Olson, studied Zen Therapy and Structural Integration under Dub Leigh ( starting in 1997. He graduated from SOMA Massage School in Chicago in 2001.

Josiah is currently (2008) a third year student in the Feldenkrais Method with Paul Rubin, and is certified to teach Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons. His last year in the program will fully certify him for one-on-one Functional Integration (FI) with clients.

Josiah is also training as a student under Tom Myers and the Anatomy Trains Program. This training focusses on myofascial lines and myofascial release as a resource for healing massage and structural bodywork.

Josiah: 773-251-8344
at Chicago's Urban Oasis Spa, 905 West North Ave, 312-640-0001.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call and leave a detailed message.

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