Independant Artist Movie by EE

the EE 1996 Michigan Tour and Movie.
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a tale of travellers, coming to a remote land, and facing a dragon!

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devoted to "The Sand Battle"
Recently developed from Christian White's 35 mm COLOR slides

Treasure Map to Art Performance, EE Net Happening

The sandy shores of our set, ahhhh,

what lurks in its lair amongst the virgin forest.
Our travellers will soon find out. They have the above map to find treasures, , excitement!

Beautiful Lakeshore
Deron Cavaletti
Birddog man, happy as ever, a trusty, or not so trusty friend of the travellers.

Where did I put my traveller's checks, helmet and super-phaser?

Movie characters
David Christensen action shot

Practicing the "sneak attack".

This photo is a still from the making of "The Sand Battle", which is a scene in the EE movie. (This photo was just a warm-up for the true costumed battle)

Click here for the official color story interlude.


the Sandman stops and warns the travellers of the dragon, hiding his treasures in a forest vortex. . . .
Pat Kadyk, aka guardian of the sand
Net Hanging in Forest

the Travellers discover the hidden lair after their sensors detect a magic dragon.

The dragon's vortex is enticing
dragon net vortex
Demon on the scene Don't worry about the vortex.

The nets close in.
If you want, you can write me for the end of the story.
We have currently transfered important super8 footage for release in the future.

The travellers go on to meet the dragon. . . .. .

We have some stuff on Quictime

check our movie page soon. . . . . .Abstract Net Photographic shot

Abstract Net Photographic shot
Abstract Net Photographic shot
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devoted to "The Sand Battle" if you did not see these NEW (april 03) photos of the 1996 EE Michigan Tour!

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