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Guerilla Installation by EE at ArtChicago 1996

This show was true encroachment. One of the largest international art festivals, ArtChicago, is held annually in May at Chicago's Navy Pier. EE decided to sneak two of its sculptures out onto the Pier's outdoor sculpture garden. We drove the van with the dismantled bike and see-saw onto the Pier, assuring all the guards we were meant to be there. Sure enough, the security let us park right where we needed and we had the sculptures "up and rolling" in an hour.The tourists flocked to our interactive sculptures and forgot about the "bad" sculptures that were officially there and for sale for thousands.

Dave Christensen and myself decided to wear costumes and "perform" for the audience by having drummers play while we rode the see-saw at unusually high velocities.

A great shot of the EE drum bike. Built by Dave Christensen, this bike had an ingenious steering mechanism for one steerer/cowbell plater. The three pedalers in back had both hands free to drum, enabling a mobile quartet. All parts were scavenged from old cool bmx bikes. It was capable of fast speeds and perfect for encroaching.
Also making it out to the pier was the see-saw, which provided many rides to inspired tourists. This shot was taken at the end ot the Navy Pier by the Grand Ballroom.

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