Haunted House Artists from Hades Installation

EE and the 1997 Haunted House crew. This was the second year for the proclaimed "EE" room and "EE" people. Fourteen nights within three weeks, four hours a night. That adds up to an intense amount of generated energy.
David Christensen
The legendary David Christensen. Most Valuable Scarer in 1996 and 1997, Dave became the king of the Haunted House, overseeing direction, room concepts, and many sculptural projects, as well as his own acting in the "EE room", also of his own collaborative creation. This polaroid is definitely worth 1000 words, especially if you know of the man himself. One of my best friends, Dave lost a ghoulish fight with cancer and hospitals at age 28, about one month after this photo was taken. He was not kidding around here. This was, is, one intense spirit.
Bruce Kripner, of Las Toalitas and now bass player for Ulele, poses happily here, time to play scary bass. Or in Bruce's case, even scarier M.C.
Bruce Kripner
Clay Cousins
Clay Cousins, lead singer of Chicago legends Clown Love, and leader among EE haunted rockers.
Deron and Willis, haunted cousins, ready for underworldly partying.
Greg Willis and Deron Cavaletti
Deron Cavaletti
Big D, ready to audition for Some alien militant band.
Pepper, another musical crooner from the Ben and Pepper show.
dr. Smith
Mike Smith, overtaken by the spirits. Is it real scaring, or posing for the camera?
Scot Larson's first foray into EE, later to become a haunted house staple and most valuable scarer.
Whitey Larson
Affected zombie.

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