Lincoln Park Zoo's Oz Fest, 2000

EE showed up at the Zoo for a five minute pancake and face paint overhaul. The parade gathered close to a thousand participants and spectators. EE rocked out, had a cop shakin it, definitely the kids and folks shakin it, and some non-EE actors (flying monkees) to boot. We jived, synched, jammied, whatever, both Sousa and George Clinton would have been proud, as well as the producer to the original movie "Wizard of Oz", whoever it may be.

It was musically one of our best parades.(Interesting that the crowds average age was probably four). Sixteen marchers showed up, including a fuller horn section with the Lorties on Bone and trumpet, mr Kurt on sax and mike smith as well on trombone. Jeni, Tina, Charlie, Jamie, Quentin, Carlos, Petey, Sache played drums. Whitey and Cindy held down the claves.

"The Bigman" did a sensational job as our band leader. Dave Ruiz provided props and amazing masks and costumes for some. We "beat the heck" out of four of our songs, with plenty of time for antics and improv, two areas of constant improvement. Look out gigantic world of crazy absurdist marching bands; EE's steppin up.

Costumes were spectacular, as we had the traditional, to the absurd. One thing I would like to add: tthere were about six wizrard references in my day that day, including the Oz fest parade, hearing a song on NPR, the guys from WZRD (the wizard) having a party, the Ozzy Osbourne fest, and an actual wizard convention out at Rosemont Horizon, all this, besides kind of being dressed like a wizard.

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