Avant Garde Music center, the Nervous Center, plays host to EE.

November 6, 2000
EE performance
with Pineal Ventana

In the dark recesses of the Nervous Center, one of Chiago's avant-garde musical venues, EE marched in with some non traditional Moroccan Gnoauwieau music from days of the ancients.

Wearing traditional Moroccan Jalabas, made by Larry Mu of EE, EE pays homage to the rhythms of colors. Here, obviously, Quentin plats quacaba for the orange color, as Mike plays for the Black.

Bret, who forgot his jalaba, dawns a nice Shrewsbury Tartan, setting fashion standards for our upcoming 2002 Gnome series.

Youthful EE'er A.J. Santoro, aka Batman, learns the seemingly non complicated Arara rhythm of the ancient Yoruba. "it just came to him" explains John his dad.

He thinks that the Caribean ceremonies for Elegua, the keeper of the Gates, while Ruth was pregnant in their house's basement jam space may have something to do with it.

Here, Jevin, the ee tween, or twEEn, and prominent trumpet player, smiles. Jevin knows that most eleven year olds don't get to hang out with "these kind of people".

update, Jan 2002, Jevin has since started his own Latin percussion orchestra, and will be touring Switzerland with A.J. Santoro as his main percussionist.

He later jammed with Pineal Ventana, an avant noise and jam band from the South. It was quite a set!

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