Environmental Encroachment
at the WZRD 88.3 fm
music festival, 2000

Stage lineup, relatively left to right, dr Calimare, FliP Flopsy, Kurt, Charlie, Jeni, mr petey, Jamie, Q, MSmith, and Bret.It was a beautiful day to get funky.
Tina plays clave, while Bret contemplates brewing beer at a Belgian monastery devoted to Big Bird.
Sace shows off her new genetics.
Happy Jeni, ratman, and Jamie, with some brass tubing in the pic.
Protesters pummel the once mighty Blob. The Blob was birthed and managed to do a few rumba steps, spew some slime on the audience, and gobble a couple EE members before ultimately tiring, tripping over itself, and giving in to the lawn, seeping deep into the earth, as so many other blobs have done before this.
The Sunshine gang wins out over the evil lab technicians. Another gorgeous day for an EE show. The video is still floating out there somewhere, we'll eventually find it and make it available.

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