Performance at Chicago Millenial Park Children's Tent

SnowGlobe_2 (our second adventure)
on December 21, 2002

SnowGlobe 2 was EE's second trip into the massive blown up tent-dome in Chicago's new Millenial Park.
Tourists, kids, and friends packed into the five story giant white tent for a continual seasonal music series for adults and children at the brand spankin new Millenial Park right on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, 55 South Michigan Avenue.

Check out the new movie of SnowGlobe_1 on the MOVIE page.

photos by Alyce Henson

There it is, the Snow Globe.

It was about five stories tall in there, and bizarre sounding, and all white.

And it had a little side globe with a tree. We filmed part of our MOVIE in there. Go to the EE movie page to see the clip.

Taking the stage for tune-up.

Morroccan drum jam on the dance floor. Lets get these tourists groovin.

The famous Chicago Super Rat captured on photo in this City Park system building.

Kids love gnomes.

Dancer with Renee.

Getting that natural reverb and echo effect off the sno globe's inflated walls.

Projectionist Larry Mu. At night, the walls of the snow glove made amzing projection screens. see below

You can barely see the EE logo being projected on the lower right side of the globe. It looked amazing with reds and blues.

Red light horn district.

Gnome-onicron on therimin.

Globe getting ready for outer space take-off.

Tourists being taught folkloric dance.

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