Cubicle, Hammond Inside-Out Arts Festival

CUBICLE: a multimedia art exhibit
5265 Hohman Ave
Hammond IN

Friday February 14th,
As part of Hammond Arts Inside-Out Festival


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from the flyer: 2/14-Opening Reception 6pm-12am $5.00
Environmental Encroachment will be doing a monster set in an open office space which is part of a larger abandoned building complex. The whole building will be featuring art installations and performances. This is a unique experience to enter a bizarre space to dance, see art and have fun. I highly suggest branching out and seeing EE and other Chicago artists join forces with our Hammond inter-state art friends for a unique night of entertainment.

hammond inside arts festival abandoned arts space
EE drove down on the remarkable SKYWAY (US 90), over the fine city of Gary, Indiana, to help transform this particular abandoned space into a fun night of installations, art, and music.

backstage at the Hammond Fest

Here was our backstage area, an abandoned office overlooking Industrial Hammond. Quite fine.

I will try to get photos, or have artist's renditions made of our show. It snowed like hell, and we had an opening set of Therimin and Trombone which was pretty amazing!

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