Burning Man 2004 Camp Design

For More Pictures of Nets, click here:

Projected Collage drawing of Parabaloid Nets

Here's a first attempt at an overhead layout.

Grey areas are the nets
also the dimensions

Cars, trailers
Tents and tarps are colors

20 x 20 net for kitchen


--------------------------------------------------------------------Other ideas--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mike and TJ's design for a camper

Burning Man Over-Head shot courtesy of burningman.com


Last year our address was 4:20 O'Clock by Five Rows out.
This year??????

Whistle Works will be at Three O'Clock Plaza (three o'clock by first row)

We are bringing live plants, mostly spider grasses and wandering yews, planted in Rokwool.

These plants will help use up the camps waste water. They will be placed in the bottoms of used water jugs, and can be moved around to keep them in the sun.