Friday, March 12
EE will be marching and doing a post show set with bass and theremin

Thorne Auditorium
Northwestern Law School
375 E. Chicago Ave., (Chicago and Lake Shore Drive)
on Friday, March 12 at 7 PM
for the official release of
Where We Stood: Chicagošs Resistance to the U.S. War on Iraq.

from the official e-mail from Blake:
"Wešre very excited to finally be able to release the documentary and in a venue just steps from the momentous events of March 20, 2003.  This version includes a new music track, much of it donated and/or originally composed by Chicago bands and musicians, a development that has both amazed and humbled us.  We think this version is a richer piece because the music completes it as a unique Chicago story.  One of the musicians involved is Kinan Abou-afach, a former member of the Syrian National Orchestra, now living in Chicago.  

Join us in marking the unfortunate one-year anniversary of the start of the war and get fired up for the events planned for March 20th here and around the country.  This is a chance to remember our efforts, regain our momentum as a movement toward peace, and to send a message to Washington
­ we STILL say NO to this war.  

Tickets for the screening are $8 at the door with a reservation, and $10 at the door without a reservation.  To make reservations, call Peace Pledge-Chicago, 312-494-5840.  
Hope to see you there ­ Peace ­ Linda, Blake, Jon, Seth" 

"WHERE WE STOOD Chicagošs Resistance to the U.S. War on Iraq    On March 20th, 2003, at the start of the U.S. war on Iraq, an estimated 15,000 people marched through downtown Chicago in a peaceful protest. More than 500 of them were wrongfully arrested. Another 100 people were arrested in the following days during planned non-violent civil disobedience actions.

This documentary features interviews with thirty protesters and organizers, taking you inside their experiences, from chaos in the streets, to jail solidarity, to a renewed personal commitment to peace. Dramatic footage from the March 20th demonstration and other protests illustrates stories of resistance from a cross section of those who stood up to say no to the war."


thanks Alyce

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