Saturday, April 15th, 2006 - 10:00 PM - 2 AM  -  che luis gallery
Easter, BUNNY, and bonnet party - 159 North Racine, Chicago -  
$5 - byo - second to last of a legacy of parties at the che luis space. BUNNY themed, costumed, hula hooping with Jeff of course, dj Wil B I, and Environmental Encroachment throwin DOWN!

photos from Alyce Henson: Click to Enlarge

Mike Smith trombone space bunny
Hayley Murphy space bunny
space bunny music dance
strange tube object dance prop
quentin shaw scot larson bunnies
quentin shaw scot larson bunnies
jamie sara jordan ee show
whitey tuba umbillicon tuba ee
whitey tuba umbillicon tuba ee
jamie hula hoop girl party
ee on floor party
whitey umbilicon clogging
bunny dance line easter party
mike smith che luis chez louis
mike smith space bunny
stone trombone winston
space is the place
space is the place
quentin jamie topper charly barbera
trombone balancing
trombone balancing

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