Mike's Projected Master Pack List Burning Man: last update:2009/03/12
(make your own)

---------------------Main Architectural Gear for Camp Set-Up
1. Black Bin on Wheels: 29 x 19 x 49: 4 Shade tarps (4 large tarps, 2 small)
2. White Postal Bin w/wheels: 29 x 24 x 34: (contents, 40 * 25 cargo net)
3. White Postal Bin: 29 x 24 x 34 and 2-12x12 nets: (3 cargo nets)
4. White Vinyl Duffel Bag: 48 x 10 x 10: (Camo Net Spreaders)
5. White Vinyl Duffel Bag: 48 x 10 x 10: (Camo Net Spreaders)
7. White Vinyl Duffel Bag: 48 x 10 x 10: (Camo Net Spreaders)
8. White Vinyl Duffel Bag: 48 x 10 x 10: (Camo Net Spreaders)
9. Plastic Bucket (black): stakes, LONG webbing, carabiners
10. Plastic Bucket (orange): stakes, SHORT webbing, carabiners
11. Plastic Bucket (white): all ties, clamps, carabiners, extra rope

-------------------------Tools and Vehicle

12. Bin of Fluids and emergency tools
13. Large Grey Tool Box: hammer, 2-work gloves, vicegrips, hacksaw/blades, pliers, wire cutter, screw drivers, 2 channel locks, sharpies, tape measure, cable ties, scissors, utility knife, blades, wire, matches, wrenches, hardware, electrical tape, strainers, Sockets, awl, maul
14. Bus Crate 1: Solar Panel, Oil, coolant, steering, brake, wd-40, blocks, chuck, jack2,Broom and dustpan, jack
15. Bus Crate 2: cables, fix-a-flat+kit, air compressor, fuses, air-hose, light, mylar sun-reflector, 2 Gas cans, chain+lock for trailer, siphon, google maps and atlas, flat tool, jb weld, belt, tire iron, utility lite, Stereo Bag,
16. Spare, Tire Iron, Inflate a Flat, Air compressor, Jack

17. 5 empty 5-gal. h2o containers and 1 six-gallon and 8 1-gallon jugs
18. Yellow 5-gallon Water Cooler:
19. Food Bucket: Nori, Cacao, Ginger, Cherries, Figs, Trail Mix, red salt, Emergenceez, ginsing, coconut oil, blueberries, almonds, tomatoes, seeds), Spirulina, Mangosteen juice?,
20. 8-Ball Cooler: ziplocks, steel-sack trash bags, sun shower, red water bottles

21. Green Gear Bin: Red Binder.Clics, cup, wipes, ee_cards, ee dvd's, butane, small radio, leatherman,
22. Small White Box: TICKETS, tech-kit(camera/phone, chargers), inova flashligt, inova bike lite, stormlighter, duplicate keys of everything, money, credit cards, internet and emergency info, ID, Camping itinerary, contact info, maps, park maps,
23: Blue Suitcase: Comforter, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Sheets,
24. Plastic Bin (Costumes): Space jacket/pants, gold shirt, Bunny Jacket/Hood, marching coats, red bunny outfits+tails, socks, tites, new belt, pirate shirt/pirate bag, yellow pants, green skirt/tites/stripetites, silver tites, dalmation hood, leather biker vest, EE flag, two flag poles, flag carrier, need furry shorts, furry shoes, flower thong, blue lay-2, carrot phallus, yellow gloves, black bunny shirt, orange jalaba,
25. Green Trunk: 12 x 15 x 30: towel, sweater, shorts, pants, long-johns, bathingsuit, bag with clean drive back clothes
a. Blue Bag 1: writing utens, clics, valerian, tinctures, dental kit, lip balms,
b. Blue Bag 2: xtra-glasses, case/cleaner, fancy ear plugs, qtips, 2sunscreen protection, coconut oil, massage ball, razor,
c. Clear Bag: toothbrush, gum elixir, mouthwash, sandalwood oil, soap, floss, tongue scaper, spoon, metal pan, cup, chopsticks,
26. Trombone and Hard Case, Gig Bag, flag for t-bone,
27. Trombone#2 and Hard Case, xtra m-piece, oil, spray bottle
28. Stunt Bone
29. Quacaba, gaita, whistles, bell

30. Red Bike
31. Bike Tool Box: sewing kit, needles, monofilament, make-up+remover, safety pins, cable-lock/xtra-KEYS, *tubes, chain tool, wax-lubricant, allen wrenchs, neckwrench, LIGHTS, xtra-tire?

--------------------more CAMP/EE gear-------------------
32. 3 x 6 metal folding table
33. 5 Hula Hoops
34. Marching Flags, holders, and flagpoles
35. 2-chairs
36. futon, sheets, cover, pillow, extra sheet
37. Camp Banner and Flags
38. 2 bins (black+aluminum) for dishes/water dehydration
*39. Rattan carpet (5x8) rolled: 72 x 9 diameter
*40. green carpet (4x6) rollod 40 x 20 diameter: (outside of bus)
41. 1st aid kit: ace bandage, finger splint, eye wash, pre-wrap/tape, snakebite_kit, timanu oil, dental oil/propolis, burn kit
42. Fire extinguisher ABC filled
*44. ?Full length mirror wrapped in cardboard: 57 x 17 x 1
45. Sculpture to Post and Burn
46. Roll of Black Sheet plastic
47. camping stove, pots, pans
48. Wooden Pallet Base: 48 x 8 x 36 and matt for shower floor, squeegie

49. Fire Kit: Fuel, Blanket, tupperware/w/poi, Chains, Staff, FireAid, towel, spec_sheet
50. Three 10-12 foot 2x6's for shower tripod


Tabl drum
Bob Trailer?
depending on others to borrow: showerbag, stove, bike pump, spray bottle, zipties, tupperware?,
sleeping bag

other peoples stuff:


? Gal. garbage Can with large camo net

52. Fire Kit: Fuel, Blanket, tupperware/w/poi, Chains, Staff, FireAid, towel, spec_sheet
43. 2 sleeved Cardboard tubes: PVC Poles: 8 ft long x 8 diameter: pvc Flag Pole, bus canopy poles,
55. Ladder? (did not have one in 08)