Camp Design, Burning Man 2010
EE Marching Band Camp

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Two photos of our structure from 2009:

ee camp burning man

ee camp burning man

Projected Collage of Net structure

basic scheme for dehydrator,
with maybe wind power, or bicycle wheels involved.

camping with cargo nets, desert survival ee style!
Dust storm at night, 2005! The net structure allows wind to pass as much as necessary.

EE Camp uses cargo nets, staked into the ground with 16 inch eye bolts, carabiners, and strong, soft, neon-yellow climbing webbing for security and visibiltiy.
Eye bolts are all the way into ground, rounded ends, not dangerous, and strong.
The netting has no hard areas and is not dangerous to use.
Simple photographers clamps are re-usable!, and are used
to secure camo-netting, tarps, curtains, and hold things.

NO Duct TAPE or Zip Ties are used! The architecuture shifts and changes!
Tape and ties end up using your energy to un-do them and then they are huge trash that you have to pack out.
And toxic trash, and gooey, and not re-usable! or recyclable!
Use plain rope to tie things if you have to. Burnable twine.

Installation of Structure:
To prevent wind, for shade, strength, privacy, and safety.
Cargo netting laid out, some pieces woven together
Shade netting laid on top and fastened on loosely
Edges of nets either fastened to bus, or staked down
Stakes are with eye-bolts, carabiners, and straps,
Camo Net Spreaders are used to propp up in middle areas in strategic areas.

Maintenance of Structure:
Please do not abuse structure,
Nets do have some sharp staple holding rope-joints together. Wear gloves!

Flag Pole, or some beacon.
Guraded entrance, bike area,

Kitchen set-up:
Table, stove, tools, space, food, cleaning systems, coolers, water storage and dispenser

Shower set-up: Pallet with tripod of 12 foot 2x4's.

Gargabe minimized and stuffed/ sorted, burnables, recycle, plastics.

Grey water and Grey-water System, Pond and Evaporator:

Strike: Strike starts early, aware of strike all throughout...
Taking down nets, repack nets, carabiners, stakes, webbing into containers
Pack up and seperate all burnables, garbage, moop, burritos, grey water,
Take recycling in, take stuff to burn pile

Pack Out: Camp site mooped, kitchen packed, all food dispensed, (bus crew with provisions)
Garbage in hefty bags, double bagged, If packed out in old tarp/Garbage burritos:
Personal Gear packed and labelled tight! double checked and next to bus.


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Design for a slinckamper

Burning Man Over-Head shot courtesy of