---------mike's drive schedule-------------------------

Monday: Final Packing:

Tuesday Morning Early: Departure

Only potential stop is at Vegetarian Farm in Iowa if Timing is right...
..there is another Indian Hut in Nebraska......

......avoid the nuke disaster in Fort Calhoun

Wednesday, drive to make it to Saratoga Springs.....

Spend night, Thursday, Drive to Winnemucca or Friday: arrive Stage Coach

Friday: Final preparations for early morn Saturday departure.

Saturday: Virginia City!

Sunday: Unpack....Set up camp

Monday: set up camp, welcome campers, set up shower, kitchen, etc

------------------Gigs at the Burn----------------------

Monday 8/29
4:00 Rehearsal

Tuesday 8/30
4:00 Rehearsal
TBA Mardi Gras @ French Quarter Camp

Wednesday 8/31
4:00 Rehearsal

Thursday 9/1
12:00 Rehearsal
4:00 Media Mecca
6:00 Billion Bunny March
TBA CORE Burn (9:00?)

Friday 9/2
12:00 Fire Conclave Walk-through -- MANDATORY
TBA Rehearsal
7:00-7:35 Performance at Center Camp
7:45 Trojan Horse Burn (w/Sporks & others)
10:30 Battle of the Playa Marching Bands March-off

Saturday 9/3
12:00 - 2:00 Badge collection
7:00 FIRE CONCLAVE Secured, be ready to move on out (NOT a rehearsal - this is IT, people!)
TBA Badge bestowal ceremony, just outside the circle before we walk in

Sunday 9/4
2:00 Jazz Funeral for the Man


Monday: Leave Sunday Night?

Tuesday: Drive out of Fernley