EE Camp Leave No Trace Plan 2010

Camp Name : EE Marching Band Camp
(Environmental Encroachment Magic Circus Band and Cavalcade)
History: This will be our third year as a theme camp. Last year was quite successful on every front including our Leave No Trace (LNT) ambitions. We are intending to be a mobile theme camp again for 2010. We will not be in camp too often, focussing on processions and parades around Burning Man.

Estimated Camp Population: 35

Nature and scale of our activities: Marching Band Home and Base. There are other marching bands, and wayward paraders and marching musicians who are always invited to join our ranks. Some parades and events we do are planned, others are not.
We will focus on LNT at camp, as well as awareness while we roam.
We look forward to bringing and exploring further the LNT spirit as a mobile unit. Areas like our costumes, and belongings, how we "encroach", our noise even, being aware of what and who are around as well, not just marching unaware.

As a camp we will:
Meetings for our camp have started, and LNT, as well as other BM concepts are always re-iterated.
We have a plan for minimizing everything in our camp, especially waste, water and impact.
Daily cleanings occur, as well as constant mooping upkeep. All are suggested to always be tidy, well organized.

"Environmental" Encroachment" is our name, and we certainly respect and even fight for our Earth. All band members share this love.
We will have two main people in charge of kitchen duties, with another specifically on water mastering and dehydration/shower area upkeep.
We have a set-up plan for our camp, which is in itself, very minimal architecturally, with nets and camo net spreaders, rope and simple clamps for shade tarps.
We use no post holes, no generators, no rebar! (eye-bolts), and no duct tape or zip ties. Our structure is entirely re-usable! This makes set-up and take down of the structures very minimal impact.
Garbage is talked about constantly, and not taking things that can cause garbage; food and beverages especially.
EE Camp has mandatory reading, including LNT concepts and various writings.

How we will organize for Leave No Trace:
Our LNT leadership and structure: two camp leaders with everyone expected to be a leader by example.
All kitchen activity will involve a staff, who will always be on the LNT designations.
Our water master will also have his own strategy, including our dehydration and shower, for LNT.

We intend to just make it a part of what we do naturally, but alas, there are always messes made on accident, or that we or others are unaware of. Being stewards is also part of our plan and nature.

We hereby designate Mike Smith, Carlos Pecciotto, Kate Van West and Adam Clark as EE's LNT of our Leave No Trace Team. The team will help plan our purchases, what we bring to the playa, and encourage us to reuse, recycle, reduce and restore our materials. They will think about how we and all of our stuff will get to the playa and make it home again. The team will keep our camp clean and fun before, during and after the event and delegate and enlist help when it is needed.
They will be responsible for clean-up and trash management in our camp. They will see that our gray water does not impact the playa. They will make sure that all camp members understand and agree with the policies and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man.
They will oversee daily tasks and will have a plan in place when we get ready to leave, when it's time to break down and sweep our camp for every last trace. The Abassador will make sure EVERYTHING left goes with us.

Mike Smith, Kate Van West, Adam Clark, Cale Pippenburg, and Troy Vine will oversee our camp breakdown and cleanup

=======(Mandatory Reading for EE Camp members)===========

2 LInks to Explanations of Leave No Trace: and

Our Commitment to Leave No Trace (I am leaving this section from the burning man web-site PARTLY intact, with some additions and one or two edits. It is well-written, thorough, and will be more than just required reading! Our camp will abide by these, as well as talk them out so that specifics can be made for our Base Camp, as well as our Mobile Theme Camp.

To minimize our impact on the Playa, EE CAMP will follow these rules:

Before the event
EE Camp pledges to Leave No Trace in and around our campsite, including our own and
others’ waste. This includes time during our preparations, travel, duration of festival, and break-down.
EE Camp will read the survival guide, complete our camp’s Leave No Trace Plan and share it with the entire camp.
EE Camp will plan the assembly and takedown of our structures and decorations and tape the edges of our carpets
EE Camp will inventory vehicle space so that we can pack out everything. Vehicles will be checked to be eco-responsible, (no leaks, cardboard under neath, etc,)
EE Camp will take the packaging off of just about everything and stock up on reusable producs and containers, and try to minimize eco-unfriendly packaging at all levels.
EE Camp will shop for simple finger foods and prepare meals in advance to reduce waste.
EE Camp will bring no glass, cheap trinkets, small feathers, and anything that might get left on the playa

During the event
EE Camp will check our camp daily
EE Camp will clean as we go, realizing that any trash or MOOP (matter out of place) can blow away or be buried at any moment.
EE Camp will keep our recyclables, burnables, and non-burnables clearly separated for easy disposal,
EE Camp will recycle our aluminum, either on-site or back home
EE Camp will have special cleanup crews for any high traffic activities we host and take care of any trash left by guests, invited or otherwise.
EE Camp won’t leave trash in or around the port-o-potties
EE Camp won’t light fires on bare ground or dig pits, leaving scars. If we must burn, we’ll use a public burn barrel or burn platform
EE Camp will burn only clean untreated wood or paper (nothing synthetic) and follow the safety guidelines for fires and burn scar prevention.
EE Camp won’t dig large holes or trenches
EE Camp will keep all items tied or weighted down, and leave papers at home.
EE Camp will not dump any grey or black water on the playa
EE Camp will encourage members of our camp to carry a personal trash (MOOP) container and a cigarette butt container when they are outside camp.

After the event
EE Camp will put aside time and have designated volunteers for the final cleanup
EE Camp will take all trash in sealed containers to a landfill on the way home.
After cleaning our camp, everyone in our camp will devote at least two hours to the general city cleanup (e.g. trash fence, local port-o-potties, café, etc).
EE Camp will leave extra space in every vehicle on the way to the desert, knowing that repacking will inevitably take up more space and ensure that no items can detach during the ride home.
EE Camp will pack out everything, including any unevaporated gray water and scum
EE Camp won’t put trash in or around the port-o-potties
EE Camp will help out our neighbors and fellow citizens
EE Camp will be Good Neighbors
EE Camp will encourage our guests to bring their own beverage containers.
EE Camp will help out our neighbors
EE Camp will adopt the space around our camp, making sure that it stays traceless
EE Camp will help careless or forgetful campers

Here's how we’ll do it:
Design our camp in a way that is easy to keep clean:
Select materials and decorations for our camp that lessen waste and are recyclable or reusable:
Costumes, as well for mobility. Our camp uses hardly anything that is waste and is very, very minimal!
Awareness at camp and on marches is crucial, and this awareness is cultivated constantly.
I have a master pack list for our camp, and I encourage all others to have a pack AND Pack-out list.
This is also on our burning man camp info web space to promote others to all have these lists, and personal lists as well.

We have only one or two events that we will host as a start to parades, but will also have jams in camp undoubtedly.
These visitors will be hard to talk to during music, but we will also have signs LNT in our camp.
Other's garbage is a huge issue, and we, by keeping it mobile, ARE THE VISITORS!

We have empty containers for grey water, as well as an efficient dehydrator, and low impact water usage.

*Plan enough space and storage in our vehicles for trash hauling:
This is painstakingly mentioned throughout the burn. "Don't forget to take trash!"
We will make use of all available vehicles, and plan to have plenty of room in our final loads.
I don't pack full on the way out, specifically leaving lots of room for packing stuff out.

EE Camp will explain the ground rules to all camp members and post our LNT plan on our website.
*Information, are on the web at

Plan a secured trash separation station with OBVIOUS signage and tags and plenty of heavy duty garbage bags.
EE Camp will bring the following items for camp operations:
Separate, sealed containers for recyclables, burnables, and non-burnables, a found bin and signage and tags.
Reusable dinnerware and utensils.
A large water container for camp water supplies.
5-gallon bucket and painter’s mesh, or net bags from oranges, for wet kitchen scraps.
Containers for Grey water disposal.
Containers for smokers’ butts

EE Camp is bringing this stuff up for clean up and take-down:
Big whiskbroom.
Rope and string for tying loose stuff down.
Small spare bags for collecting trash as we wander.
Industrial strength trash bags.
Cheap work gloves for everybody.
Vise grips for removing stakes and eye-bolts.
Magnets to remove every last nails, staples, scrap of metal.
Protection for under our vehicles in case of any fluid drippings.

Packing Out and Restoration of Our Site
EE Camp will take away everything we brought with us plus a few things we didn’t know we’d have.
Line sweeps.
EE Camp will try to give a helping hand to our neighbors.
Black Rock Desert Restoration Awareness
EE Camp will pitch in with our fellow citizens and community service teams to restore the natural characteristics of the playa in our neighborhood.

Thank you for reading this!