EE Marching Band rocks!
Chicago, IL, September 13-15, 2013

riot fest chicago 2012

riot festival 2013

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 13-15, 2013
: Chicago

EE Marching Band returns to RIOT FEST!
EE's STAGE SHOW - Saturday 2 PM on the REBEL Stage.

Located in Humboldt Park on both Saturday and Sunday.
The gates open at 11:30 AM and the shows will be end by 10 PM, as per Chicago curfew law.

Line-ups, schedules:

---Blogs and Press from The 2013 CHICAGO RIOT FEST:
September 15, 2013
The Last Day of Riot Fest...Color Me Impressed

As you can see, the weather sucks today. So why did we arrive early? Because today is the last day of Riot Fest, f*k the weather, I have good rain gear and one of my all time favorite bands is playing in Chicago for the first time since they broke up in Chicago twenty two years ago...the best band of the 1980's...The Replacements.
Environmental Encroachment's 'flag boy' can only mean one thing... favorite band of the weekend is back...rain or shine this band is a good time.
Check this band out at

Environmental Encroachment, 2 p.m. at the Rebel Stage
The small, seated crowd at Rebel Stage grew quickly when Environmental Encroachment Came parading in from behind the audience, stirring everyone to their feet. The marching band crowded on stage—some two dozen musicians equipped with saxophones, trumpets, trombones, sousaphones, drums and, of course, cowbell. The visual display is a huge part of their performance. Most were in costume (pink tutus, bunny ears galore, etc.), while others wore only EE-branded underwear. Performers maneuvered hoops, flags and batons as a juggler in a luchador mask threw around bowling pins and rings. The band played half a dozen songs in their short, 30-minute set full of gorgeous brass harmonies, Moroccan rhythms and a stunning sousaphone solo, delivering songs such as "1970," "Triumphant Elephant" and an excellent rendition of Radiohead's "The National Anthem." But it's always a little dissatisfying to see a band with this much energy constrained by a stage; They should be out in the grass playing their hearts out while fans dance around them. — Sarah Cobarrubias

From there, Environmental Encroachment provided a very cool change of pace - a local marching band/art troupe consisting of about a dozen members that actually left the stage and finished it's set out amongst the people, toward the back of the crowd.  Rare is the music festival where within a span of about five minutes you can ride a ferris wheel, see legendary punk rock, catch a circus sideshow sword act and then see a live marching band.


Highlights of the weekend were Environmental Encroachment, Violent Femmes, Kitten, and DeVotchKa just to name a few. Also yesterday we discovered a new band called Chuck Ragan. They were country punk rock equipped with a lap steel and a violin. It was extremely enjoyable and I look forward to purchasing one of their albums soon. More to follow later in the week with photos...Happy Monday YA'LL!


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