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The Environmental Encroachment Marching Band brings art and music to the public and in certain environments. In 1998, EE did its first Mardis Gras March in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. Since then, we have grown and continued our mostly summer time marching band activities.

For the best current images (2009) of our marching band, see YouTube:

EE's newest promo video and Electronic Press Kit

Themes include seasonal parades, sporadic parades, musical encroachments, clowns and circus, organic food, outer space, fashion shows, etc.

We make our own unique costumery, and play and choreograph shows that include visual elements. Musical processions may include giant puppets or masks.

We have been asked to play music at funerals and farewell to life ceremonies and we do.
Contact us for your needs, whether funerary music, street parades, or hyping up any kind of special event, program or show.

Puppet costumes and Marching Band Instruments:

sulfuric vent worm trombonists

The dueling trombones of the vent worms. Much better than Dune!

Two, totally portable, comfortable, lightweight, and effective costumes built as back pack puppets.

These were some extraordinary marching trombone costumes.

Piasa bird puppet trombonist

Bret Lortie in another back pack puppet that allowed for trombone playing in a children's puppet parade at the Black Sheep Puppet Festival in Pittsburgh.

Beet's character was based on the ancient Piasa Bird (also proficient at Jazz Trombone).

Piasa bird indoor art performance Sometimes, it is too dark, and you need to stick your alien head out of the puppet for air, or vision. It can be dangerous in there.

Older older Marching scene NEWS:

The Chicago Chapter of the All American Anti-War Marching band, or Chicago Antiwar Marching band, or the skeleton marching band has an e-mail list that you can join by e-mailing one of these addresses:
Mark Messing: mark-'at'
Amy Cargill: normalpictures-'at'
It is open to anyone regardless of musical ability or not. This is an artistic statement, and has a self-explanatory title.

In addition, Fred Hickler has put video footage of the Sunday March 16th and Thursday March 20th peaceful demonstrations against the war. The movies are in many formats so that all may view, regardless of bandwidth or browser.
**March 16th protest, general coverage and Thursday 20 Mar 2003
Author: Fred Hickler (
Summary 4 1/2 minute video edit of the Sunday, March 16th rally and march featuring a Studs excerpt and the All American Anti-War Marching Band! (quicktime sorenson).
See site for more versions. web link

from a participant
"EE marching band members took place in the historic 10,000+++ person non-violent and peaceful march, occupying eight lanes of Lake Shore Drive as far as the eye could see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was historic and a great showing for Chicago.
A "skeleton, and antiwar marching band has formed with anyone who wishes to participate. It is an art statement. For information on the skeleton marching band, click here.
The march was amazing, never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, at the end, the police had split the protester groups in two, and started arresting us in small groups, while we COULD NOT PEACEABLY DISPERSE!!!!! The media claimed that we would not go, but in defiance of basic rights of a US citizen, we were not able to go. Police were in three lines, with stun guns and clubs, and would not even let senior citizens or babies leave. The police arrested who they wanted to, and after scaring us for three hours, penned in, surrounded, we were let free. There was only one casualty I was aware of of a young man getting hit with a club resulting in a fracture or break in his arm. This was quite an unjust thing for our city to do."






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