Burning Man 2004
EE and Elbows-Orgasm Camp, Eeeooouuhee!

camping with cargo nets, desert survival ee style!

art car on the playa, Christian White photo, Burning Man 2004

Deron Cavaletti on the playa

man at sunset

temple of honor

temple at distance

temple burning

5.24.04 STRUCTURE trial run. Success! Check the photos.
6.16.04 Camp Design page with first layout of camp schematic
8.01.04 Reno, Saturday Aug. 27-28 Party at Liz and Steve's
8.09.04 Updated Contacts page and Updated Packing List Simulation

9.12.04 It happened! It was fantasatic! Desert Survival. Art. We're going back!

Post Playa Thoughts 2004 edition by Mike Smith coming sooooon!



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